Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok...So My Snowman Cookie Has A Toupe!

Yes ...My Sista's I really thought I had outdone myself making cookies for Boo's school tomorrow....that's until I got to the snowman and had no black icing. Well....I had a little bit of brownie fudge icing so I was trying to cheat a little with a toothpick and when I got through....this is what he looked like!

Ok he's been on the other side of the track with
this toupe...he looks like he's Italian fo sho!

So I wanted to thank my Bloggin
Sista...Cuz you know I give credit where
credit is due......Shawn over at Seriously
lent me her BIG Cookie cutters....and
my mitten turned out a lot better!

It's a little blurry but whatevah!
Here is a cute picture of all four!

In my personal Santa Hat came
out the best!

So's to my Sista....Lisa....who is the Cake Miss..
(in an Italian accent) toucha my cookies...
I breaka ya face!

Sista's I DO NOT BAKE....It scares me! But these
were so fun! I followed the royal icing recipe on line
and it made the cookie icing dry hard and everything.

Somebody get the Cake Boss....on the phone.

Hugs to you all!




Your snowman cookie does look like the Cake Boss!


I'm dying....DY--ING!

He looks a little like one of my Italian husbands Uncles!

They turned out cute. I thought you were letting the kids decorated them?

You're a mess girl!