Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He Made His Mama Proud!

Hey to you Sista's....

A couple of day prior to the holidays....my Big Boo Lacrosse "playa" won 1st Place in his Lacrosse Championship Games for the Tampa Bay Fire Elite Travel Team. I must admit I was quite proud! So proud that I will share some awesome pics of Big Boo and his team. I am not proud because they won...I was proud of the way they played the game and won! Here is my favorite picture!

and this next one I like because
his number is 1 and he's holding
his finger up that his team is #1!
How cool is that!

and the prize picture of Big Boo and
his Championship trophy!

I have never been able to go to both
days of his Lacrosse tournaments....
this was the first time. Boo
said I was his lucky charm!




What do you think the chances are that your Big Boo and my Honey will "hook-up"? Can you even imagine!!!!