Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Chance to Enter Zhu Zhu Pet Giveaway!

You could have this in your Mailbox by Friday!
Just enter to win!
Become a follower and post about it....and
your could be the lucky winner!

Last Chance to enter is Tuesday, December 8th! I will be picking the winner on Wednesday, December 8th!I want to make sure the winner gets this baby in time for Christmas! Thank you to all who have entered so far! Yes I could sell it on Ebay for $40 but I wanted someone to have it that really really wanted it for their kid who couldn't find it! So....good luck to all who entered and I have increaded my followers by 7 yay! I look forward to hearing from a few more people....but you seven that entered have a really great chance to win.

Have a blessed week!




I just posted about your giveaway but remember not to include me in the give away.


I'm following and also poste here


I followed you on twitter from rfin

Keep up the great work! heartgrayson at yahoo dot com

Susie Q

Following remember and oh my, what a great giveaway! Too funny.

And about the boy? Yep, turn around again and one of them is 6'1" and going to college. The other one is 5'10" and in the Army.


I am going to follow your blog and post about your giveaway My girls are dying to get these for Christmas!