Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bed Bath....and WAY Beyond!

I could be in trouble. Big trouble! Not only is there a Super Target two minutes from my house....across the street from there is a BBB (Bed Bath Beyond!). This store was about 25 minutes from my home in Florida so needless to say I did not frequent this store that often. Have you been in this store lately? I have to tell you that I have never paid that close attention at all the little gadgets....I promise I DO get out but I was very impressed.

Please tell me this.......why do they sell Candy?
It was late and I was tired... tired and I am here to tell you
that I had some trouble passing up some
plain M & M's!( I'm just sayin!)

I have been there three times in two days!

I think being so close to all of these shopping
centers is going to get me into some
serious trouble!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome To The Neighborhood?

What do you do when you meet new neighbors who were best friends with the people that lived in your new house? Well for starters......
complaining about how dirty the house was.....maybe not a good idea!


I mean really....I didn't know they were BFF"s....but when she told me she let the
cleaning lady in.....I asked, " to this house" was probably not a good "idear" as my
Mom would say!

I asked..."There was a cleaning lady? Really?
(Thinking to myself... that's what they call it!)

OK....I walked right into that I had to tell her
that she may want to tell her friend that she needs to get
her money back...cuz I spent two hour cleaning the
laundry room floor ....where when they pulled out
the washer & dryer......well.....let's just say

So....I treaded the waters....quite litely
after I learned this wonderful news.

My neighbors are the nicest.....SO FAR!

Big Boo is currently undefeated in his Lacrosse games.
Headed out next week for the "Vail Shootouts"....for
the Championships.

Hugs to you Sista's!


Friday, June 11, 2010

I Just Thought I Knew What Tired Was...

I know people say those two words very non chalantly! "I'm Tired"! Just two little words that I thought I really knew what they were but my dear Sista's...I had no idea! I've only moved one other time that required a rather large truck...however...this one was a 54 footer that did not have one more inch for even a tennis shoe.

Speaking of Shoes.....

One of the movers made one small comment. And it was this...

"I thought my wife had too many shoes...but take the cake!"

OK.....can't a girl like some shoes! So these guys have been giving me crapola for all my shoes! Why so many...he asked! This is why.....when you get disgusted looking for clothes....when all else always fit!

It's true!

I will have to say....those two little words....I'm tired! Too tired to get rid of any of those shoes. So for know they will stay in boxes until I am not too tired to put them away. So...Sista's I'm so tired I can't even make I will go for now but I will start posting more soon. That's when I dig out of boxes. Hugs to my Sista's!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

YAY.....We Made It!

Hey to my Soul Sista's! We made it! Thank you to all my BFF"s for praying for Kelsey to make it on board my flight out to Denver. She did great! Everyone here has just been wonderful. My new carpet was just installed throughout the whole's looks awesome! They had someone come in and clean it professionally so that takes a load off of this Sista!

Lil Bon and my friend from College, Michelle, went and looked for furniture today for her room. We have two that we have picked out. I think she has a favorite and I will more than likely order it tomorrow! The soulmate and Big Boo fly out here on Saturday once they get will feel more normal.

The weather is absolutely was 68 degrees today and no humidity....ahhhhhh! I'm lovin
it! Our cars arrive tomorrow....way earlier than we expected.....I just got my rental here this I won't have it for long. Met my new neighbors across the street today and they are moving in the first week of July....apparently they just live down the street. I will be posting pictures soon!

Hugs to my Sista's!