Friday, June 11, 2010

I Just Thought I Knew What Tired Was...

I know people say those two words very non chalantly! "I'm Tired"! Just two little words that I thought I really knew what they were but my dear Sista's...I had no idea! I've only moved one other time that required a rather large truck...however...this one was a 54 footer that did not have one more inch for even a tennis shoe.

Speaking of Shoes.....

One of the movers made one small comment. And it was this...

"I thought my wife had too many shoes...but take the cake!"

OK.....can't a girl like some shoes! So these guys have been giving me crapola for all my shoes! Why so many...he asked! This is why.....when you get disgusted looking for clothes....when all else always fit!

It's true!

I will have to say....those two little words....I'm tired! Too tired to get rid of any of those shoes. So for know they will stay in boxes until I am not too tired to put them away. So...Sista's I'm so tired I can't even make I will go for now but I will start posting more soon. That's when I dig out of boxes. Hugs to my Sista's!




What they don't unpack you? Can you find and EASY button for that? Wish I was there to help.

Get some rest!