Thursday, June 3, 2010

YAY.....We Made It!

Hey to my Soul Sista's! We made it! Thank you to all my BFF"s for praying for Kelsey to make it on board my flight out to Denver. She did great! Everyone here has just been wonderful. My new carpet was just installed throughout the whole's looks awesome! They had someone come in and clean it professionally so that takes a load off of this Sista!

Lil Bon and my friend from College, Michelle, went and looked for furniture today for her room. We have two that we have picked out. I think she has a favorite and I will more than likely order it tomorrow! The soulmate and Big Boo fly out here on Saturday once they get will feel more normal.

The weather is absolutely was 68 degrees today and no humidity....ahhhhhh! I'm lovin
it! Our cars arrive tomorrow....way earlier than we expected.....I just got my rental here this I won't have it for long. Met my new neighbors across the street today and they are moving in the first week of July....apparently they just live down the street. I will be posting pictures soon!

Hugs to my Sista's!




Mrs.debi I didnt get to day good buy to yall ! Miss you already Love lil Trotti.


I'm glad you made it. I started to call like 3 times, and each time got busy with...well. You know. Kids. Where are y'all sleeping? Just wondering. I can't wait to see pics. I know you're relieved that you're there now and can start getting settled. And making your new house a HOME. I can't wait to come visit! I love you lots and lots. Kiss Lil Bon for me.