Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bed Bath....and WAY Beyond!

I could be in trouble. Big trouble! Not only is there a Super Target two minutes from my house....across the street from there is a BBB (Bed Bath Beyond!). This store was about 25 minutes from my home in Florida so needless to say I did not frequent this store that often. Have you been in this store lately? I have to tell you that I have never paid that close attention at all the little gadgets....I promise I DO get out but I was very impressed.

Please tell me this.......why do they sell Candy?
It was late and I was tired... tired and I am here to tell you
that I had some trouble passing up some
plain M & M's!( I'm just sayin!)

I have been there three times in two days!

I think being so close to all of these shopping
centers is going to get me into some
serious trouble!




I love BBB, that's where I buy my garbage liners and my coffee so lets just say I use my share of 20% off coupons and then some!