Thursday, July 22, 2010

Contentment.....It's A Dilemma!

I have to tell you that moving clear across the United States has been quite exciting. I never thought I would ever be settled so fast, clearly that's why I haven 't posted in over a month. Sorry :( But I have to tell you that if you know thought would understand. I really don't stop ..until I have things pretty much the way I like it. You noticed I said the word "like"...because there is a difference between "like" and "love". In order to "love" would have to be WAY OVER THE TOP. Change is always good!

So I have had painters...IN and and there ....My sweet new "Handyman" Roy from the church to do odds and ends things....that I need to have done so the "soulmate" won't have to worry about. Tomorrow I have the "basement" guy coming to give me an estimate on finishing my basement before winter comes...possibly by Halloween....just in time for friends to come in and visit me and go Skiing. (Hint Hint Tampa friends!) So here lies the dilemma.....

Lil Bon starts school next Tuesday....because it's all year around school for her. She goes nine weeks and then has three weeks off. Big Boo will be a freshman in High School and he starts August 9th. As soon as this happens......what am I going to do?

Well...if I was the athletic type.....I would be going to the gym! And I do plan to do that....I just don't see myself going more than three times a week. Maybe four...if I get REAL motivated....but I can already see myself getting BORED OUT OF MY MIND.

The Dilemma....

Do I volunteer....or get some type of job that will make me feel like I have a purpose? The "soulmate" asked me not to work for at least a year.....I told him that I could only guarantee 6 months. I've only been here seven weeks and I am going stir crazy!!

I have to be around people or I get a little down and out. So that's my dilemma Soul Sista's! Can you give me your thoughts....they really do help! I am already on a committee for the High School....attended my first meeting this week. The nicest people here in Colorado....everyone says "Welcome to Colorado"....I am not's hilarious!

Missed All You Sista's!




Staying home is not for everyone. You are one that needs to be on the go all of the time! AS much as it may kill you try and stay home for a little bit, get involved in both schools, find a Bible study or a book club and find some time just for Debi!

I love and miss you tons!