Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Snuggie or a Cuddler....It's Not Really A Toss Up...Is It?

Would you rather have a Snuggie like this
or a

Cuddler like this?

I must say Happy Birthday to the SoulMate! Not that he reads my blog. He thinks that Facebook is for kids and still doesn't know why I like it! Not to mention the fact that there was a report on Bloggers tonight getting fired from there jobs from posting inappropriate pictures on their sites. There's one thing I try to keep in mind while posting. Act and talk like Jesus is sitting right next to you....would you say it.....would you post it? Let me be clear....I need Jesus everyday to keep me off a path I could very easily go down. And the days you don't hear from me......are generally the days I have gone down that path!

Yes know the day......when Satan is sittin on your shoulder sayin this and tellin you that!!! OH yes...
he makes him self known. I think he has messengers sent down.....just to mess with ya!Some might say he presents himself as the "anonymous blogger".....CAN I GET AN AMEN up in HERE!

It's been a crazy but sick week....but the Hamster has finally left the trunk of my car and is well on it's way to
Stacy! I will have to tell you honestly that this is the first year that my Christmas shopping is not done. This is somewhat unsettling since I have to mail things to Memphis this week or they will not make in time for Christmas!

The soulmate and I are shopping tomorrow night while Little Bon is at church making gifts at the church boutique for family and friends. (This was a really great concept!) It was only $12 for the workshop and she gets to make four gifts and wrap them and bring them home. Not to mention ....that it is also cheaper than a sitter for the night!Three hours will go by trust me...I will have a handy dandy list so we can make the most of our time.

Little Bon and I headed to Steinmart to buy the soulmate some presents for his birthday today when she stumbled upon something that I thought was very interesting. Unless have been living under a rock...everyone I know has heard about the "Snuggie" blanket....right? Well....leave it to Little Bon to discover that someone has allegedly "stolen" their idea and have come up with the same thing but low and behold named the "Cuddler"!"

This really bothered her for some reason! She said, "Mama, did those people steal away the idea from the Snuggie Man?" I said...well apparently so...since we've heard of the "Snuggie" and not the "Cuddler". She said, " Mama, what do you do when someone steals your idea?" I said...."well as we are sitting here talking about it...I'm sure some where in some courthouse.....a judge is going to have to make that decision on whether or not "Mr. Cuddler" owes "Mr.Snuggie" some money! She said...."that's not fair is it!"

I said , "no baby" isn't. She said, "I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me....would you?" No baby...I wouldn't! So we've decided...this year ....we wont be buying a "Cuddler".....we will be buying a "Snuggie"...
in the Cheetah print of course!

What do you think? Snuggie or Cuddler? Is it fair? As I sat here at wrote this tonight....I couldn't help but start laughing. You see I have this crazy bloggin friend name Shawn....and today when I went to her post to catch up I saw this dots comin down on my first I thought I had a virus or something...but then I noticed that it looked liked it was snowing. Bing Batta was I have to tell you that I saw this and thought my reindeer on my template would love to play in the SISTA"S KNOW I give credit where credit is DUE.....SHOUT OUT TO ...Shawn over at SERIOUSLY....for being the SNOW QUEEN of BLOGGIN! O YES she is!




I gotta say it. The snow is makin' me feel drunk. Just sayin'. I love you!!! the new bloggy blog!

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