Monday, June 29, 2009

Satellite Sista's!

Hey to you Sista's!! Happy Monday to all!I must admit I watched another award show last night! It wasn't a Gospel Music one...but very entertaining. My kids think I'm nuts because I tend to watch any and every award show that's on. Hey.....what can I say, I love Music, especially Christian and Country and R & B...and yes some Rap! The Christian Rap is can receive the great beat....but positive and uplifitng lyrics! I always love it when winners on the award shows...thank their Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ first!!! Yay! With all the sad deaths over the past week, I couldn't watch one more news program about anything depressing!I choose to let all that go today! Besides life is short and today is a new day in the Lord! If you woke up this morning and saw your kids and soulmate......thank Him right now...we never know when our last moment will be! Every now and then we get so busy we let the little things in life pass us by! Today take a moment to call a friend or family member and catch up! I received a sweet call from my BFF from Atlanta, Lynda, this morning! It made my day! And to all my Satellite Sista's....make a call to your Friend....or Sista and tell them you love them and catch up!!! Peace to you my Sista's! Debi