Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Blast At The Trumps.....I Mean Trotti's!

Hey to the Sista's! July 4th started out for Little Bon and I getting up at 7 a.m. to get ready for the Brandon, July 4th Parade! Little Bon and I got there a tad bit too early but we handed out mega fans for Spirit FM! It's was way way hot....but we had a good time. I have to tell you that we saw so many families really in the July 5th spirit. Everyone decked out in their red, white & blue. Cute little babies with bling bling jeweled flags on their cheeks! We got home around noon and we were soon to be off to The Trotti July 4th Party. Some of you may know her from her blog called Seriously! The girl has got more idea's than Martha Stewart! I am not kidding! Now she is raising her daughter to be juse like her. Her 14-yr old daughter, Honey, as she is fondly called by her Mama....made a 4th of July cake that was incredible! I so wish I had a picture. I will get one and post it! I was so impressed! One of the best things about Shawn from Seriously is her guest she has a few...but my fav is the one I call the Ivana Trump bathroom. The sink is just so unbelievable...I will have to get a picture for you all. Maybe she still has a picture of it up on her blog, because she has something "Take a Tour on Tuesday's" that alot of fun. I have not participated but it's only because I always forget. You all know that I have A D D. I have good intentions but I do get side tracked from time to time. ANYWHO.....we had a ball. My teenager...Boo...was trying to impress a few of the guys there with his new card tricks. It was quite hilarious. His biggest obstacle was my friend Natalie's husband who was SO ONTO BOO's card trick. He had a great time teasing him the whole day. Boo was getting a kick out the attention...good or bad it was fun!! We had such a great time! Shawn from Seriously is definetly the HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST! Thank you Trotti Family for a great day!



Girl you're a mess! You are welcome here any time because in my opinion a party isn't a party until the Sista is here!


<3 I so Love you!! did you see the picture of me and your son?? It turned out good! Any way I love having yall over even if its just you. Love ya!