Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So Long MJ....May You Finally Rest In Peace!

Hello Sista's, I greet you all at the end of the day....for many reasons, but my heart is a little heavy as we all say goodbye to Michael Jackson. OK...I have to be honest... the nose surgeries, Bubbles...his monkey, the bleaching of his skin, left everyone scratching their heads from time to time. But if you look at where he came from and what he had to do at such a young age....it's no wonder he was always trying to "Fill his life" with things geared for kids. Sadly, he didn't get to be one. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE? How many times have I judged someone for the way they look or maybe what their wearing. O....I can't tell you how many times.....too many to count. I have been guilty as the next person. But I have to tell you that we have to agree on one thing about MJ....he was always true to himself, no matter at what cost....and there were many. Today we got such a small glimpse of what Michael was really like when there were no camera's or paparazzi. He was just a son, a brother, a Dad and Uncle and a beloved friend to many. He wanted to do all the small things that we take for granted...without notice. He just wanted to be real. I feel bad for judging him in the past! Please forgive me Michael!We don't really know people unless we're true friends with them. We can't know someone by only reading or hearing about them by what's placed in the media. I feel bad because he was so misunderstood!! I must remember this verse more often. Matthew 7:1,2 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. OK...that verse was written in red in my Bible, which means Jesus himself said it! That is a Big Ole Wammie or knock in the head....helleur!I guess I'd better put the shut to the up on some "thangs". Think about it...people talk about everybody. Some people assume things that they really have never even asked you about. Can't you just imagine people printing lies and talking smack about your kids and family. I would have to say....I pity the fool that does it for me or my kids. I mean I can take it...but if your talking about my kids....the earrings are coming off my sista's!! Say whatevah you want....Michael paved the way for many and I can't even say what my favorite MJ song was because I loved so so many! I don't care if he was Muslim or Jehovah Witness... he was a child of God and what he believed is irrelevant. That was between him and the good Lord. His daughter, Paris, made me cry today. She was the first thing that I saw from the memorial service after I got home from work. He was alot to everybody but he was her "Daddy" and she misses him terribly. I will pray for his little kids tonight and I will thank Jesus once again for loaning me two children because I KNOW they are really His! Rest In Peace MJ, Debi



Well said. It's really hard not to sit in judgment when someone is so in your face with all of their oddities. I'm assuming he would have found me and my life a bit odd too!


Amen to the Sista! I feel the exact same way, we must be related!