Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Soul Sista Giveaway!

Calling All Soul Sista's!
Enter to Win....the
Vintage Inspired Gold & Silver
Turquoise Cuff Bracelet!
OK... Sista' seems like everybody likes to give away I'm really feeling the heat. I have to mention that Jen over at Harried Mom of Four is giving away a really cute bag with goodies in it that you'll want to check out.( Jen forgive me if my link doesn't work...I'm still somewhat a newby!)
I think this what your supposed to do to possibly have more than 13 followers, so all you blogging Mama's let your friend's know and leave me a comment and I will enter you in the contest. Yes I did borrow the directions of how to do this from Jen over at Harried Mom of know why I did? She explained it much better than I ever could and as always...I give credit where credit is due! Can I get an AMEN! SO here is how you can win the SOUL SISTA GIVEAWAY! (Thanks..Jen!!) To enter my Soul Sista giveaway, you can do one of the following or all to increase you chances to win: * Be a follower of my blog. Each follower gets 1 entry. 2* Leave me a comment on this post. This will get you 1 entry. If you aren't a blogger and/or don't have your email or the account linked to your profile, make sure you tell me how to find you! 3* Mention my giveaway on your blog. This will get you 2 entries ;) Please be sure to come back and tell me you did so! I'll accept comments on this post through Friday July 25th and will announce the lucky winner on Saturday, July 26th. Thanks and be blessed! Peace out to you Sista's!! Debi



You are a hoot :) Thanks for the plug! I will try to return the favor this week! (Be warned, you may be SWAMPED with comments - I was! Still trying to dig out!) Looking forward to reading more about you - any friend of Shawn's is a friend of mine!


OOOHHH Girl, count MAMA PRINCESS in you know I need a pick me up.

Susie Q

Oh yeah. I'm a follower and your giveaway is amazingly gorgeous!


Beautiful!!! You are very talented!
PS Here from Jen's. :)


That's better...sorry about losing the picture. Lurve you!!


Welcome to the blogosphere! And gorgeous creation!


Welcome to the blogosphere! And gorgeous work.


This is beautiful!