Monday, July 27, 2009

Soul Sista Giveaway For July 27th-31st!

So....Sista's ....I know what it's like to be on the hunt.....for that perfect piece of accessory for that dress that you want to wear to church next week. You can't find a thing.....right?'ve come to the right place to enter to win a custom design piece .....just for you!
Here's How You Can Increase Your Chances to Win:
1. Sign up and be a follower! If your already one...send someone else and tell them "you sent them"!
2. Put a photo and link up to my blog of this week's Giveaway!
3. Be creative and email me what you haven't been able to find. Necklace or bracelet's your choice Sista!!
4. Tell me how you've encouraged or blessed someone this week!
5. Blog about it on your site and let me know about it!
This is something I am so excited about this week!
I can't wait to hear back from you all!
Have Fun and leave your information in my comments box below....or you can email me at! Have a blessed week and Good Luck to ALL!!!!