Friday, July 24, 2009

And The Soul Sista Giveaway Goes... To Suzie Q!

Hey Sista's! Thank you to everyone that entered for the Soul Sista Giveaway last week! The winner is Suzie Q! Thank you Suzie Q for following my blog! GIRL....I will mail your "Purdy" on Monday! If you can email me your address that would be great to Be sure and check out what I am giving away next Friday!! Encourage your friends to join in and if you post it on your blog you get two extra entries!! SO PASS IT ON MY GIRLZ! Please make sure and be creative of what you've been dying to find, "Jewelry Wise" and haven't been able to find....then tell me what it is by emailing me for your chance to enter "Week 2" of the Soul Sista Giveaway! Ya"ll have a blessed weekend and I will share more tomorrow! Debi



I've given you an award, not that you'll post it, come on over and pick it up!