Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Didn't Win......O Stink!

Hey to the Sista's! Well most of you know I work for a Christian Radio that always puts me on the "not allowed to win a contest" thang! Which drives my daughter, Little Bon...absoulutely insane. Unless, it is for another station who doesn't have any ties to our station. Friends....This is where my story begins. I was driving home in a downpour yesterday while listen to a very popular County radio station in Tampa. I was just driving along minding my own bizness when I heard one of the talent guys, Dave, ( O and the name was not changed to protect the innocent!) who said to some guy that is was time to call and then he did the little "tookie bird" kinda call. So I called because I have been trying to win tickets to Rascall Flatts for the last three months! I'm sorry but I was not in town when the went on sale and totally forgot and NOW there are only bad seats left and I just can't do that. If I can't have a descent seat I might as well keep my Beyonnnnce at home, if you know what I mean. SO I dialed the number...remember it's raining like crazy...and it rang..and rang..that was a really good I wasn't about to hang up....finally...Dave answers. got through... I literally went some crazy stalking weirdo..please remember I work at a station and I am not really star struck anymore...yes in my younger days I was...but ....not anymore... I acted like a stinkin idiot. I just kept ramblin and saying, " I can't believe I got through...I have been trying to win tickets for months...Dave kept repeating himself...."You got through".....STILL I WAS NOT GETTING IT.....I said it again..." I can't believe it...He said it again....I said, "Why do you keep saying that. Then he said, "You didn't win! I hesitated and wispered very sadly, " I didn't win..I didn't win...... O STINK!!!!! I could hear Dave and Randy still laughing. I am so glad someone thought it was so stinkin funny. I haven't been that excited about something like that in so long it ain't even funny. However, I am use to being the one who "Punks" someone. I'm not so good on the being "Punked" end. (Somebody get Ashton Kutcher on the phone!!) Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. I even went as far as to think they were going to call me back and tell me they were just "punkin" me!! I can definitely dish it out but not so good at taking it. Well....that call never came! And NO I still don't have tickets for Rascall Flatts! It's not like I want to meet them....I just want to baske in their pure soulful harmony....uhmmm...uhmmm...uhmmm. I guess it just wasn't mean't to be for 2009. I still think I got a stinkin raw deal from my fav country station. The sad thing is that they recorded my call and played it ON-AIR when the next break came up. And yes...I sounded like a southern know kinda like when they interview...someone from the trailer park after a hurricane...with one tooth in their head....well...maybe not that bad. It's been two days and I am still upset about that! Somebody get Chad Brock on the phone!!! STINK!!!!



I will claim you as my one toothed white trash friend anytime!


You are so cute! So sorry you didn't win! That really stinks!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see that you're friends with Shawn. I think she's great! :)