Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's Wrong With One Of These Pictures?

The SoulMate is Sooooo Happy!
On the way to pick up
the soulmate's Jeep
I look over and see
this on Little Bon's
What is wrong with this picture?
For all of you 80's Sista's does this remind
you of anything? I must say I chuckled at
the memories that came flashing back
before me.
And the really sad thing...
My Little Bon is thinking
she is setting the trend for
the upcoming fall fashion
for Florida.
Now I know what you all must be thinking! She thinks she's Madonna! Well for those of you
who think are all wrong!
Little Bon thinks she's Lady GAGA!
You see .....we don't get to wear the whole glove here because it is so stinkin hot. Therefore, our children resort to wearing this in July.......way before it's even time to wear it. Ya know how when you get something new.... you just gotta put on ......even if it's something you got on sale for fall? Which for us Floridians is a lightweight jacket at the end of January and maybe a couple of weeks only in February. This is what she bought with her own money at Justice while I was preoccupied with finding her the jeans she wanted that had holes in them. There is just something that is wrong wrong wrong...when your kids jeans cost more than yours and they only have a fourth of the fabric? This shouldn't bother me....but it really does! Lately, Little Bon has been talking the Soulmate into taking her to the mall to stores that I don't necessary think she is ready for...but apparently I'm overprotective and not as fashion savvy as I thought. When I asked her recently about going into The Children's Place.... I got the eye rolling in the back of her head and a very snotty...." I am not wearing those baby clothes!" So now she's figured out that Daddy doesn't know any better and Daddy doesn't look at price tags before hand she is safe all the way around. You know what I say.... Good!! Daddy can take her shopping for school clothes and get a BIG OLE DOSE of what Mamasita puts up with when crunch time is upon us! Well Sista's I promised you all a I kept my promise! Somebody get me a butt lift.....OK? Peace Out Sista's! Debi



Oooh, Hubby and I have been wanting one of those jeeps! First, however, we must sell his convertible - something which doesn't seem to be happening quickly :( I've heard of Justice, my neice likes that store, but I've never been in one - and we're rural enough that the local horribly outdated mall will probably never get one. I agree with you, let Hubby take her shopping! Talk about a wake-up call.


I love the mental oicture I got of Daddy being "Bamboozled" in the middle of whatever trendy ( "Trendy" translating to "Scary as Hell" for mommies everywhere...) store she gets him into..... and like daddies everywhere..... he doesn't even know he's being "Bamboozled".... Ya just gotta love that!!! and speaking of love..... I just read through 3 posts.... and must now stay.... SIGH... can I handle another blog on the old blog list roll???


It' not a big as I thought it was gonna be. Gurrl I know you can get your fanny in that, no problem!

Little Bon is cracking me up! Where did she get that attitude from?!!?

Susie Q

Jen, Justice used to be Limited Too. I thought their clothes were inappropriate for pre-teens (I refuse to call them tweens) before...God only knows what they'll have now. Our local mall (very proudly presented on had the Limited Too closing. ( And I just recently posted my two cents on that little trip.
I loathe paying retail but we did pretty well on that trip. Flip flops and leggings for less than $10.