Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Official!

Well Sista's's official. The Soulmate is having his tires put on and his "Lift" installed as I sit here blogging! He is as happy as fly on a ham sandwich! Fo real!! He has this smile on his face that is really hilarious. The Soulmate makes me smile when he's like this because it kinda takes alot to make him get excited. In fact......there's only about three things that get him excited and the first two I would never ever considering mentioning.....being a true southern girl and all. (But the third one I can definitely tell you!) THE GATORS! The Soulmate graduated from the University of Florida and is a true blue blood Gator through and through!!In fact..I will tell you all that I had to plan my wedding around the Gators football schedule ...O Yes I did! And I am here to tell you that I was not happy about that one. In fact....if my memory serves me correctly....he gave me the date we could get married. uhmmm. Now that I look back on kinda make me a little mad. I always wanted to get married in December. Somewhere in my head growing up I envisioned Christmas trees all lit up with white lights and the trees flocked with snow as I walked through a winter wonderland to marry my Prince Charming. CORNY HUH! O well....I was just a small child from Tennessee with some dreams...OK! the story goes I got married in my hometown in Memphis and had a very beautiful wedding in the month of November. It turned out beautiful even though I had the big eighties hair and bugles beads that dangled from my wedding dress sleeves with shoulder pads. Those of us who were married in the 80's wouldn't you want to just do it over again. Seriously....I would love to do it all over again with all the bells and whistles they have today! Just pickin out a new dress sounds like so much fun. And yes....yes....I would still marry the same man I married 20 years ago....the soulmate! Who is home with a big smile on his face! I would take a picture but my camera battery is dead. I will have to show you a picture of the Jeep.....I promise! Don't forget to enter your chance to win the vintage cuff bracelet! Peace out to you Sista's!



I want a do-over too. I have an idea, lets juts go try on dresses-without shoulder pads!


Good for him! Do take a pic to show us all out here in bloggy land. Lurve me some you!!!