Monday, July 13, 2009

Tires Are Not Like....Jewelry!

Hey Sista's! Is it me or men obsessed with the tires on their car's? Not to long ago my better half... that I lovingly refer to as "the soulmate", got a brand new Jeep. When he purchased the Jeep it looked really nice. It has a running board so it can help you up into it, but apparently the tires are not up to par for the soulmate! Suddle hints....are usually not so suddle with the soulmate. He not only has left Jeep magazines in just one place.. but I think he has purchased several magazines to sit around the house where he thinks that I will be planting myself. I've noticed duplicate copies everywhere. As we were driving to dinner Saturday night, he tells me that he really wants some new tires and a small lift to add to this new vehicle. Now lets be real.....we all have our little goodies we may want from time to time and to be perfectly honest...the soulmate is a very giving man. He would give someone the shirt off of his back with no question. He also never really wants anything special...but to play golf here and it's not like him to really talk about stuff that he wants. BUT HE REALLY REALLY WANTS THESE TIRES! I said, "Go For It"! He said it's alot and he feels guilty for spending that on it....yada get the picture. Then he precedes to ask me things like..."You know the 17 inch rims are smaller we pass other jeeps...."see those ...."see the diffference?" This is my response.....Women don't remember things like tires sizes.....we never look at aren't even on our Radar...can I get an AMEN? I mean we remember clothes, bling bling jewelry...maybe some great shoes....a great BAG! Now that's what I'm talking about. He just starts laughing at me hysterically. doesn't take much for me to get "the soulmate" to laugh. I told him to please buy the tires and to pick up all the stinkin copies of the "jeep" magazines around the house when he finally gets them. Oh...and by the way, the soulmate said when he get's them...I will receive a little surpise. I'm just praying it's not an apparatus that will have to "LIFT ME UP" into the Jeep. Who just might be bling bling that I would definitely remember! Bless Someone Else Today!! Peace Out To All My Sista's! Debi



I so do not see "soulmate" driving a jacked up Jeep. Hmmm go figure!

Susie Q

Um. I notice fancy tires. My mom had 3 girls and my dad raised 3 sons ;D We can all change tires, oil, fluids, etc on a car. We just choose not to at this point. Some of my fav smells are gasoline, rubber and oil. Hey, I'm from Texas and it's all running through my veins on both sides of the family ;D

Nice blog and as soon as I click on the thingie, I'll follow too!