Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My 9-Year Old Has A Bucket List.....Say What?

Hey Sista's! My sassy "Little Bon" comes up with things...from who knows where! On our morning drive to camp this week....she just blurts out ...."I'm really mad about something!" And here is how the story goes.... Me: "Why are you mad Baby?" Bon: " Because I don't get to cross out one of the "thangs" on my Bucket List! Me: What...did you say? I thought I was hearing "thangs"! Bon: She said, "I SAID.....that I don't get to cross out one of the "thangs on my Bucket List!" Me: What are you doing with a Bucket List....and where did you hear about a Bucket List? Bon: " Duh.......with you last summer!" Me: I said you most certainly did not! Bon: Yeah....don't you remember when Daddy and Boo went up to Boston for Lacrosse Championships and you and I stayed at the Swan Hotel in Orlando with Olivia? Me: Yes ..."I" remember watching it with Olivia after you fell asleep! Bon" WELL...I wasn't asleep...I saw the whole thing and NOW I have a Bucket List! Me: What's on your Bucket List that you can't check off? Bon: "I wanted to meet Michael Jackson so he could teach me how to do the moon walk....but now I can't! ( Like that was really going to happen!) Me: I said..."I'm sorry maybe we can rent one of his dance videos anyway! What else was on your Bucket List? Bon: Well....Paige (Bon's BFF!) and I have the same things on our list, and we have parasailing on there and jumping out of a plane... Me: "As in Skydiving!" Bon: Yeah....the only thing is that Paige said I had to go first and she would piggyback on to my back so she wouldn't be scared! Me: Is that all that's on your list? Bon: No....Paige and I want to meet the Jonas Brothers! There's a lot of other things on there but I can't remember the's hidden in my room ...just in case. Is it normal for a 9 year old to have a Bucket List? I think NOT! But now I feel like it was all my fault that she's even got a list because we thought she was asleep! I even asked Olivia today at the station.....wasn't she asleep? She acted like she was sleeping! Oh well.....maybe we should all make a Bucket List when we're small so we have TIME to DO IT ALL! My Little Bon cracks me up. She comes up with more "thangs" than anyone could ever imagine! She's mature WAY BEYOND her years! I want to protect her from this big ole world that has these kids today wanting to act grown and look grown ....way to soon for me. If it was up to me she would still be wearing her Strausburg smocked dresses! Can I get an AMEN! I have to tell you that I thank Jesus everyday for both of my kids knowing God's true love for them. They both know the Lord and carry HIS words in their hearts. They both have accepted Jesus into their hearts and have been Baptized. So ....she has a Bucket maybe I need a Bucket List! As long as we know WHERE WE'RE GOING I guess it really doesn't matter! What's on Your Bucket List? Be Blessed In Christ! Debi


Jean Stockdale

I am blog hopping this morning and came across your sister's site which led me here. You have a great site and I love your background layout too. Both of you have very creative blogs. I write to encourage MOMS in the fine art of Christian mothering. Clikc over whenever you can. If you are interested, there are lots of memes in the bloggy world that you can join in. I am starting a new one on Fridays called 5 Things Friday. Join in if you will. Blessings.

Susie Q

I'm with your little one...I want to skydive too. My son is 82nd Airborne also (now he wants to go to Air Assault school...jumping out of helicopters) And to think that the Army pays him perfectly good money to do this and WE have to pay perfectly good money to do what they get PAID to do (Lord, I hope that made sense ;D)


I would like to be reffered to from now on as
Princess of Quite-A-Lot. Thank YOU!
Ok...Bucket List.
2.Meet and Greet with Jimmy Buffett
3.Swimming with Great Whites in South Africa
4.Apologizing to every person I have hurt....can I get a list?

These are just a few!