Friday, July 10, 2009

Pray For Mama Princess.....She Broke Her Leg!

Happy Friday Sista's! Depression has definitely set in! No Rascal Flatt tickets. I even emailed the guy my blog post who punked me...thinking he would feel bad and all....but that apparently didn't touch his southern heart. I even went as far as to tell him that I have forgiven him with me being a Christian girl and all! Okay....I have breathed in and exhaled three whole times and said a little prayer and I am officially over it....Next!!This Sista is officially movin on....OMGoodness...that's really a Rascall Flatt song....whaaaa! I have to tell all my Sista's about my real life Sista, who I lovingly call "Mama Princess"! We are only 16 months apart and she has been a mother hen to me my whole entire life. Now...she's only 4'11 and how I got to be 5'7 is still anyone's guess. Mama Princess has always been just a tad bit bossy. She is spitting image of my 100% Italian grandmother, Irene, who we called "Big Mama" our whole entire life. She came over to Ellis Island from Italy when she was only 8 years old, but they always spoke her English was very long as I remembered. Mama Princess has Big Mama's mannerism's, my Big Papa always swore that my sister was Irene #2. Mama Princess has three children who are all now officially out of High School. There has definitely been some celebrating going on. Mama Princess went over to my Mom's house on July 4th where she saw our sweet little nephews in the pool. Mama Princess ALWAYS makes an entrance, O did I forgot to tell you that she is on her own time schedule. Mama Princess has never been on time to anything! ( I told her that Dr. Phil said that it meant that she craved attention....I won't tell you what she called him!) This is where the July 4th celebration went a little south!!! Mama Princess climbs up the ladder of a little 3 1/2 or 4 ft kiddie pool and decides she is going to make a big splash and do a "mini-cannonball". Why Mama Princess did this, I guess has left us all scratching our heads. But anywho....she was being sassy and cute as Mama Princess is so good at doing and preceded to do her cannonball...and when she went to tuck her legs of her legs slipped out straight down and everything went Boom Boom from there. As Mama Princess peaked her head out of the water...she knew right away that there was some serious trouble. Yesterday the ortho doc...confirmed that she did indeed break her tibia. OUCH!! Now Mama Princess is on crutches....and it's her right leg so she really isn't suppose to drive. I can tell you right now....that people better know that a it will take more than a broke leg to keep Mama Princess off the streets of my little ole hometown. There is no way that I can tell you that she will try not to drive anyway. If I were a betting girl...I know she's already done this and it has only been on for one day. For those of you who really want a good have to read her post. You can find it listed below in the blogs that I follow. Mama Princess has a way of telling it soooooo much better than me. You all have a blessed weekend and keep Mama Princess in your prayers!!! Peace out to you Sista's! Debi