Saturday, June 20, 2009

Praise Jesus My Nephew Tyler is Graduating!

Hey to you Sista's! Have you ever just wanted to jump and kiss somebody...the nearest person in sight when you hear good news! I almost did that when I got the call from my sister, "Mama Princess"!If you ever thought for a minute I am funny...she's even funnier, so check her blog out. You can look at my fav blogs below and check her out! Seriously, I thought I was going to pass out when she called me! It's been a very long road for my little Ty! He's so stinkin funny he should have his own comedy show. Mama Princess had some pretty babies and they are all officially out of school. Now she came help me with mine! It's has been a very busy week for our family! We just got back from our yearly family trip to Marco Island where we go to the Florida Cattlemen's Convention! It's where over a thousand Cowboy Ranchers come together and meet and have meetings and figure out everything for their farms, ranches, etc. It's also a great time at the beach for all of the family as we get together for this once a year. Please say a prayer for my baby Bon as she prepares to go to Camp this week! She is so excited to be out from under her Mama's wings, it ain't even funny. I will be the one definitely having a problem next week. It's hard to let them spread their little wings and fly. Even though I am excited for her to experience the things, Boo did! He never blinked an eye when he went.. I thought I would have to go get him, but that never happened either! Little Bon has already informed me that she's taking her boots to ride the horses! Just pray that she comes home with all her clothes. Happy Satday!