Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Your Car Nasty?

OK Girly Girlz, I have to get something way off my chest, you know cuz it's buggin me! I have to admit I do have a new vehicle and the newness is no where in sight wearing off. You can drink water in my car, but that's it! No food, except for this past weekend on the way to Boo's Lacrosse game. In the past I have been guilty of Little Bon's shoe here or there, and it's been known to have stuff way in the back. (maybe a shopping bag or two!) but really.....there is nothing worse than getting into someone's nasty car. I got into a car/van than had spilled coffee on the carpet and in between the seats and someone had what looked liked to be toenails cut on the floor. No one's fingernails could have been THAT LARGE! I have to tell you this was indeed not a southerner who commited this ungodly offense. The details aren't clear and no one wants to "fess up" to this for this particular vehicle is shared by many. What would make someone do that? They couldn't have been driving and it's actually close to the drivers side. It makes you think, if they treat the car like this, can you just imagine their home or their bedroom. Ugh! Oprah says it really says alot about the way you live. I really believe she's right. Same goes for nasty fridgerators. It totally grosses me out. I can't even throw away leftovers....the "soulmate" has to do it. Seriously. I cannot handle it. He's been doing it so long we really don't even discuss after 20 years. Idol is on tonight......yeah! My true friends never call during this time. Hugs to the Sista's! Debi



That is gross, it's a good thing I already had my dinner!

We were at Cracker Barrel once and this old man started clipping his fingernails at the freaking table! That right there answered my question of, what are those little pieces in the saltshaker?


My car is also new, and living in NYC I don't drive it much anyway (except on weekends.) But it stays clean. I get it hand washed and detailed once a week so it stays nice and clean.