Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's Talk about Idol!

OK...Sista's ...I have to talk about idol cuz that's the only show I have time to watch and I want to seem somewhat connected to "the world". I had enough of Paula last night to last me a couple of weeks. Someone needs to split her and Simon up. The just feed off of each other! First, Paula pulls out the coloring books for Simon (very early in the show I might add!) and then the next thing you see is Paula with a mustache on painted on by Simon during a break obviously. PULEEEZ! Paula.. bless her heart...just how old is she? My guy, Adam, who I have selected to win the whole kit kaboodle, was awesome last night. I am so glad he changed it all up. Even took off the nail polish. That's really the only thing that bothers me really. I can handle even the eyeliner here in there because he is just a little dramatic and I dig that. He changed it up, shook it up and reminded me a little of Elvis with a twitch of a young Kurt Russell. Bottom three for me is, Megan, Michael and bless his heart poor little Scott. It really is time for him to go home I think. I disagreed with the judges last night and that really never happens. I thought Michael was good, but they blasted him pretty good. He has a good attitude and I think he will survive the night. I'm afraid it could be Megan to leave unfortunately, she was worse than bad, but I think she's a cute girl with some talent. Thank you Jesus, I am feeling much better today. Oprah had a show today about some overweight people and I just have to be honest, it made me get up and do my stairmaster while I was watching her show...I kid you not. It was really pitiful. If that can't make you put the "Shut to the Up" I don't know what would. I'm praying for sweet sweet Ruby. Let's all lift her up. One thing Sista's do is help each other out when we are in need. I have this such good friends. Recently when Mike was out of town both of my peeps were sick at the same time. I was going from one side of the house to the wore me out. I always always have a Sprite or Gingerale in my outside fridge, but not when the kids were sick. Thank goodness for my Sista friend, Stephanie, she came over with in the hour with soups and Sprites. That's what Sista's are for...right. My friend Dana would literally give you the shirt off her back. friend, Dana, went last summer on a mission trip to Ughanda, I bought her a little goodie to wear and she ended up giving it away to the lady whose baby accidentally pooped on her. I thought that was so sweet that the lady would even want it. That's Dana! If you have a story you want to share with all my Sista's you all can email me and I will let everyone know, meanwhile.....share you life and time with someone new every week and let the light of Christ shine through you. It's a amazing how one little compliment can make someone's day. Hugs to all my Sista's, Debi



Girl Scott has got to go!

I picked Danny and Adam in the finals with Danny winning it all. We'll see.

Glad you're feeling better!