Monday, March 9, 2009

Shout out to all my Sista's!

Hey Girlfriends, My hommies at work would just fall out in the floor if they knew I created this all by myself. Let's see....I really can't say that. There are two people that made this possible, a true southern girl always gives credit where credit is due. First, a call out to my crazy friend Shawn Trotti, and next to my real live Sista, Jennifer Goodwin! Blessings to both of you for your patience and true's not always easy with me. Welcome to my blog GirlzASoulSista! Well....I have to be perfectly honest and tell you that the name of my first choice was already taken by someone who is doing absolutely nothing with it! Whoever you are...I'm praying for you! I'm sure at least one of you is dying to know what that name is! (Shawn you already know!) It was going to be....Keepin It Real! Yes...I already had that name way back in the day before Rev. Al Sharpton name his cable show that. Let's just move on quickly and let that be. I really never wanted to share my thoughts with everyone because personally I didn't think anyone would ever care what my thoughts are. You never really know what a true soul sista is thinkin! I have to admit that I am pretty good at reading people. My soulmate calls me Ms. Cleo. You remember her ...right. She was the 1-800 lady who was on tv real late at night wanting you to call her so she could get you to babble and then turn it around to make it seem like she knows you! I guess some would call it a "Gift", but let's be real, it's the Holy Spirit at work..hands down. Who else could peg it so right? I give credit where it's due...remember! That's truly why I wanted the name, "Keepin It Real"......hello! One thing for sure, for those of you who don't know me I believe in the truth and let's just be real clear here....some people can't handle the truth, hence thereforth I was leary of having my own blog. I know I should probably have a Christian music song to play but you have to admit that Lady Marmalade is the better choice ....come really does fit pretty good, huh! Just make sure all you Sista's get your groove on when the song comes on....just for me! Live in that 80's moment for just a couple of minutes! I do apologize if it didn't play yet, I'm still trying to figure this out. I look forward to chattin it up with all my Souls Sista's and for those of you about to be my new Soul Sista. Be Blessed! Peace Out! Debi