Thursday, May 13, 2010

17 Days Left....But Whose Counting?

Well...I haven't been really counting down the days until things started just going downhill. You always hear people talk about things like this, but never thinks it's going to happen to you. Generally speaking, I tend to seem to see the glass half full....but this's just been down-right half empty.

Seventeen days from today and I will be boarding a plane for Denver Colorado. It snowed there yesterday. The "Soulmate" went by our house and snapped this picture!

Can you believe it? You would have at least thought he
could have taken a picture of the whole house....there is a
whole other side of the house. I do love my cute Christmas
tree in the front!

So yes...I am counting the days considering the week I have had...I'm just sayin! In fact, my kids are actually counting the days too! Too many last minute things to worry about. I actually found out that in order for my dog to fly with us on the plane, the temperature outside cannot be more than 85 degrees outside. let me see....June 2nd....Tampa, Florida....4:45 p.m. what are the chances of it being that or cooler? I would say second to none!

I am praying that my friend,Olivia, will have her baby before I leave on May I will be here when the baby is born! That is what is currently that is weighing very heavily on my mind. It's not due until the middle of June but I had a dream!

Tomorrow is my last day to work at Spirit FM and I am very sad about that! So....please say a little prayer for me!

Hugs to my Soul Sista's!