Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Girlz Are Going Down Fast!

Hey to the Sista's, Girly Girlz.....did you all check out Idol last night? Amazingly....the boys are doing pretty well, but the girls are going down fast. In fact, I believe Megan will be going home after tonight. She's a really cute girl, it's too bad. But the news of the night was Scott's gotta new "Do". Someone feathered the boys hair....I kid you not. It did look better but they could have gone much shorter. I cannot tell you what is up with that! My Idol pick winner, Adam...brought down the house last night. Can I get an AMEN? Sista's it was just awesome. The Lord delivered him vocals "FO REAL"! On another happy note... we have a great Christian Artist by the name of Matt Brouwer coming in from Texas tonight for a private concert for our station and listeners who won tickets! That should be fun! Have a blessed day in the Lord! Hugs to my Sista's! Debi



I love Adam but my favorite is Danny Gokey!

It will be Adam, Danny and Chris in the final 3.