Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, No ....Maybe? What's wrong with me!

Hey to the Sista's, I want to apologize right now if this hurts anyone feelings. I'm sorry but My Guy on Idol, Adam....will be winnning the whole thing. Brother has got the "chops". For those of you who might live on another planet and don't listen to AI, I am sorry you missed it. Even if does have the tendency to "Over Do" his endings, he is truly in a league of his own when it comes to this. So ....It's neck to neck in our office idol pool, but I am the only one who has picked Adam to win the whole stinkin thing, O YES I DID! Is anyone ever on the fence about things, or is it just me! Usually it's white or black for me and definitely no maybe's, but in the last week I have had so many instances where I am just saying to myself.....Well maybe! Is my brain a wet noodle or and I am just copin out on makin a decision. That is SO NOT LIKE ME! I usually have alot to say and then some. What does drive me insane is when you ask someone something and they tell me they are going to pray about it. (It's mainly Baptist women who do this by the way!) no other religion dares to take this as their "Way Out" of doing something. I am sorry if I've asked anyone lately something and they have told me this. I usually hear it in regards to my job and not anything else, because I usually don't ask anyone for everything because I would apt to be more on the "doing side". It's hard not to say what I really want to say when you hear that back from someone. This is usually my typical response back: "Well that's Ok...I understand...but there still needs to be a plan for me if Jesus tells you I will move on....! I know this is probably RUDE....but you have to understand so many women say this if they don't want to do anything. So I guess I would be over that right about now. NEXT! OK...I am in FULL mode of trying to find SUMMER CAMPS for my "Little Bon" because she has to be stimulated 24/7 so I will be making a post of camps in the next couple of days that are interesting and probably filling up fast. Or if anyone knows of a cool camp for a 9-yr-old please do email me or comment me today. I would like to tell you all that the radio station I work at is having a Mother's Day promotion that has a wonderful package someone could win. If you ladies would like to nominate your mother just go to and send in a letter about your Mother! It will be awesome I can tell you that. I have figured out who My Secret Sister is at church! Who knew. Hugs to you Sista's! Debi



Why can't I ever post a comment??? It keeps on deleting them. It being blogger, btw. Love this post and you. Miss you. Muah.


Oh wow, I wrote that then, poof! It appeared! Something has not been letting me post comments. I really do read these, and I love them all. Ok, well, that's fixed!


I hear ya on the "I'll pray about it" thing. Girl I love that you have the !*#!$ to say it!

Lets do lunch soon!