Monday, April 27, 2009

Can You Forgive....But Not Forget?

So what do you do when one of your BFF"s gets dissed by someone? When I say dissed, I'm not talking overlooked by not being invited to something, I mean someone literally talking smack behind your back. Is that a Christ like thing to do? That would be a Heck to the No! NOW please believe me I'm not being judgmental....just a little loyal when it comes to my friends, ya'll. You hurt my SoulSista's and you hurt ME! I don't really understand mean spirited, or jealousy because... from this SiSta....I want good things to happen to all of my BFF's! I real! If I want it and can't have it....I'm happy for whoever gets it because I know my day is coming! Can I get an AMEN! Now, I'm taking a poll here...I need your help cuz my friend is hurting and I want to help her and give her some advice because she is really down in the dumps about it. She confronted the person who did this but it's really any advice. Forgiveness is what's needed, but you can forgive and NOT FORGET what was said or done to you. I would like to hear some opinions. Thank you for commenting! I want my BFF happy again! hugs to all ya'll! Debi



Tough one girl...for it's worth.

This is not your fight. Comfort your friend while staying separated! Let the other party know you do not agree with what she said or did but again this is not your fight.

I feel your pain though, I react the same way!