Monday, April 13, 2009

Traditional is Not a Word that would really describe me!

Hey to the Sista's! Yes the weekend came and went. Of course I had every intention of blogging every night but wait.....I was in full blown Spring Break and Easter Mode. We will just leave that all alone. The Easter Bunny hopped right on over with goodies for my peeps. I can honestly say the only thing I stole was the Peanut Butter Egg cuz it's my favorite. It was not on my weight loss program....ssshhhhh. Hips don't lie girlz. OK...I am probably going to offend somebody somewhere, but isn't blogging suppose to be our relief of sorts so...we just say what's on our mind. So here goes my take on my church service. The Choir totally rocked and it made me miss singing....totally. Loved it, Loved it. The message was ok but someone gave a testimony about their marriage right in the middle of the service and it just kind of didn't fit in my opinion. I needed to hear about the stone rolling away and Jesus UP AND GONE and Mary and Mary going to the empty Tomb. Was that too much for me to want? Apparently so, because that never happened. I must admit I was a little taken back. Now.... for most of you Sista's that know me you would think that I'm a little more hip than that...but I have to tell you that I do have somewhat a traditional side apparently when it comes to church! I need a few of the old hymns mixed with the new stuff too, just to get me all warm and fuzzed up. I don't think I'm being overly critical just a little homesick for something personal. I ran this all by my friend and she couldn't stop laughing because she knows that I usually am not one to let something as personal as this out. Well, I just felt the need to share. Maybe it's just me going through something personal, ya think? Praise God Jesus Lives yesterday, today and forever! I am happy to tell you that I did not make my traditional ham this year but a prime rib for Easter and it wasn't half bad. I was just in the mood to try something totally new and thanks to Raul at Albertson's and Brenda from the Bead shop that's what I decided to do. Me and my friend Debbie both made the same thing because that's just what we do after to much conversation and beadmaking. I did have the prettiest jewelry on in the whole wide world. Thank you Jerry from the bead shop. SHe made me the prettiest bracelet. I will post it tomorrow for all you jewelry freaks like me. Girlz it was smokin! Hope you all have a blessed week in Jesus! Love to the Sista's! Debi



Hello~Hello~Is this Debi or have I somehow stumbled upon the preachers wifes blog?

You know I love ya Sistah!


Like I said before, You are so OLD SCHOOL. Also, when have you ever worried about offending someone? That's why I love ya!


P.S. from one southern girl to the next. Where were all the Easter bonnets and globes. You know you use to wear them.