Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can I Get A Witness Up In Here!

OK Sista's, I am watching the Dove Awards and I feel like I've been thrown back in the late 70's & early 80's! I thought some of these folks had already gone to be with Jesus! If you're watching you know what I'm talking about. WHERE ARE MY BOY BANDS AND TRAVIS COTTREL...? hALLEIGHLEYER! Sandy Patti is not hitting her notes....bless her heart. I'm still trying to find a way to have lunch with Travis and meet him and Beth at a Living Proof Conference. I will do just watch. I love my job but I am glad I have tomorrow off, most of you already know that this week we had our yearly "Spread the Word" fundraiser to help us with our promotional things for the station. We had the best volunteers to come in and help us out. Glad the weekend is here! I must tell you I need some retail therapy. Tomorrow is Fashion Friday and although I don't post any cute things I find, I am excited to see that these long dresses are in? Can I get a Witness? I mean, seriously, my white legs do not need to be seen at this point and time. Praise God for self tanner, Arbonne does make the best, although it's a little steep on the wallet. I urge you all to try it out though, it's awesome. I just wanted to tell everyone I am truly sorry for not blogging this week but if you will make you feel any better I haven't even been on FaceBook either. I was just too tired to write anything after a full day of work. I must admit, My Little Bon was Shirley Temple on Tuesday. I have to tell you that she was just adorable. I will post a pic soon. She tapped her way right into everyone's heart...I just know it. I was a proud "mama". Have a fun filled Fashion Friday and take a Sista to lunch! It'll make you feel better! Hugs to you Sista's! Debi



You are a RIOT!!! I believe you WILL have lunch with Travis -- don't forget to invite a sista -- k?

Love ya!