Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spirit FM Is Moving....Can A Sista Get A Hand..Up In Here!

ey to you Sista's,

Now.... I am not one to complain....but I have been packin up our station for the past three days. I will joyfully pack...cuz our old 1950ish building that I've worked in for going on five years....I'm convinced is full of mold and mildew. If the truth be is the reason I have headaches. But like I said....I ain't one to complain.

We have a big bright awesome new building...with everything new! We are seriously so happy...that nobody cares that we have to pack up everything ourselves. I've been so excited...I've been jumping from room to room packing anything anyone has asked me to pack. I packed the kitchen without hesitation....and without telling me to.....but I ain't one to complain. The jumping from one room to the next is obviously my A D D's self diagnosed of course. I used to think I was just a daydreamer.....but I'm convinced I truly have it.

I have to admit that I have been a little down today. All of my college friends are getting together this weekend for a HUGE REUNION in Springfield Missouri . I have to tell you that I would just give anything to go.....can somebody get "the soulmate" to give up going out of town with clients to the Bucs game in Philly.
That's not the only reason I can't go. We are moving the station all day Friday and Saturday. Also we have ..a concert Sunday night with Aaron Shust and Chris Sligh coming in. It was just a bad weekend altogether. Why couldn't it be on my birthday weekend next week?

I will totally miss hanging out with my roomate and BFF.....Jacki! She is about the craziest, most fun person to be around in the whole wide world. I wish you all could know her! She is just a HOOT!'s hot and I am ready for some leaves to be changing and some "cool air" to arrive ....up in here. But seriously...if anyone wants to show up at Spirit tomorrow or on Saturday.....this Sista could use an extra hand.

Can I get a witness? But ....I am not one to complain!