Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Back.....With My Earrings On!

O How I Have Missed All Of My Sista's!

Wow...what a week! Praise God our Shareathon was a HUGE success! So many people came through for us and please know that we appreciated every penny!

Now for the Reader's Digest version of why I am BACK with my earrings On. For those of you who Know me....Know me....you know that I'm not one to hold back too much but there was a "SITUATION" that needed much attention this morning down at the bus stop.

Now....let me set the scene.....My Big Boo...had a little confrontation last Friday in which he had to take care of some Bizness at the bus stop. And when I say Bizness....there was a kid that "spit" on my son at the bus stop!....I know.....I gasped when I heard the news....it made me sick. Well...he defended himself and put a wee bit of a shiner on the kid. Reported the kid to the office when he got to school and did the right thing.

Yesterday....he came home and told me that ....the boys "Mama" came to the bus stop and cursed at him in front of all the other kids at the bus stop. For those of you that know me...know me...I was so mad I was shakin....this Sista was on "Wound up ...Gitty mode! I grabbed the phone book like I was going to call somebody...... and now just who would that be?

I tried the school and no one answered....called a guidance counselor who is a friend...and she told me to report it to the Sheriff's office in which I did end up doing. So hence therefore today.....I went to the bus stop against the soulmate's wishes. I was prayin that the "Mama" would show up. I had my big hoop earrings on....that I was thinkin that I was going to have to take off if she showed up again to confront my son.

Yes...the lady had the audacity to blame my son ....for her son spitting on him. Uhmmm...imagine that. I
cannot believe what all she said to my son. I told the soulmate that I would need an extra dose of Jesus today.

I also called two other people...my boss and Shawn from Seriously...to see if they would come bail me out if I for some unforeseen reason endend up downtown in an orange jumpsuit.  So ...there was a no show....for Psycho Mama at the bus stop...but this Mama was there with her earrings ON. I guess the call she received from the deputy last night scared her into some righteousness.

So Sista's if you love me....pray for me...because when people mess with your children....you aren't normal...you react....protection mode and Mama Bear comes out to protect her cubs.

Can I get an AMEN?




Can I just tell you that reliving our conversation this morning throughout my day has totally kept me going!

I love you! Earring on but especially when you feel the need to take them OFF!


I was gonna txt you and say, "Are you in orange, yet?" but my phone died. Mom told me everything. Put the SHUT TO THE UP, as my Sistah would say. I cannot believe. I just cannot believe. I lurve you. Gonna go see Trav and Beth this w/end!!!


I got the down-low from Shawn .... seriously, girl, you are a force to be reckoned with!!!

You did the right thing though .. I would be a lunatic if someone messed w/my kid.