Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homework...I Am Officially Not Smarter Than a 4th Grader!

Ok Sista's... I officially need some help. I feel like I've gone back to school and the sad thing...these are things I probably learned in High School and not in the 4th grade. Lil Bon...had so much homework that I can't even start going to choir practice at church. I wanted to go really bad tonight but she has two test tomorrow of them Huge and she needs to pass it....with an A or a B!

I guess I'm stuck on stupid but apparently before tonights assignment or should I say ....studying...I could not tell you how the "eye" works. After going through the process of studying it.... but not really getting it....Lil Bon and I had to get creative because we were both might say....a little "giddy"!

Yes...I had to make a game out of it to even understand it myself. Here's how the "eye" works as it applies to...well....what we love best....SHOPPING! Thank you Jesus for not calling me to the school system to TEACH.  I would be in more trouble. Here's how it goes:

TOCPLRONB.....keep in mind this is how the eye works.....
TOC means "Toes Are Cute"...which really means Transparent Outer Covering.
P means Purses...which really means Pupil
L means Like.......which really means Lense
R means Red........which really means Retina
ON      ................which really means Optic nerve
B means Blue.......which really means Brain....which Translates to "Toes are cute purses like red on blue!

This is the flow chart that makes your "eyes" work....this actually made Lil Bon remember the whole thing.
This actually made ME learn the whole thing....Praise God. I can't tell you how tired I am after 3 pages of math. Studying for a Science Test that will be on Heat and Light! OK ....this is just boring stuff. Tonight would be the night Boo has LaCrosse and the Soulmate drove him to a practice that''s an hour away.

Lil Bon and I were laughing so hard from our "Eye" test that we had to call him and tell him so he could know the JOY of it all. I'm so tired ....I'm telling you....these people want this kids in High School in Elementary School ....and in Middle School that want them in High School and in High School they want them in College therefore they give classes which give them College Credit. This is absolutely crazy.

What ever happened to fun school days.....filled with laughter and Music and Art contest and Poetry contest. That's what I remember? What do you remember....somebody tell me I am not going crazy?

I gotta go.....Calgon's gotta take me away!