Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Soulmate!

As I woke to weird noises at a really early hour this morning....I nudged him in the back. No.. he wasn't snoring, he was making some weird noise that sounded like a whistle or harmonica or something. After I realized that I wasn't dreaming , due to my sister, Princess Lisa, scarring me forever from playing chicken with a train when I was four years old....I had to actually wake up and look around. It really was him! So I rolled over and went back to sleep...the next thing I know it's 5:30 and he grabs my foot as he passes by getting ready to go to work and says....."Happy Anniversary"'s almost time to get up.

I am not a morning person......I repeat...not a morning person. I really don't think I said anything back to him!Seriously!

At around 10 at work this morning...I received two dozen beautifully arranged long stem red roses. Yes I could have had another COACH purse with what he spent on this thang....I'm sure! But he said it was one for every year and 1 extra for the upcoming year. SO SWEET! At that time I decided it would really be nice of me to tell him Happy Anniversary back, since it was at least 10 a.m and I have had my coffee with pumpkin spicey stuff.

Twenty one years ago was sprinkling outside of Memphis Tennessee when I truly married my soulmate. They say it's good luck to get married on a rainy day....and so far....they're right! He truly is a wonderful wonderful husband and Father...and is very devoted and loyal to family and friends. He has a true and genuine heart for the Lord. Every morning he has his devotions ....and sometimes he even leaves it open on a page in which I apparently need to read....yes ...that's happened more than just a few times in which I might add...I needed desperately!

Frankly...I don't deserve his goodness but God did bless me tremendously when he created him just for me!
The soulmate is just a very sweet....loving man with quiet strength. I know that the name of Tony Dungy's last book....but it really does describe my husband.

What is sad is that he has a outspoken, opinionated wife...who seems to be a little like Lucy in finding trouble...or should I say  trouble finds me. Also, with two children who have characteristic's from both of us....but all the loud and crazy things are from me.....and the good and nice things are truly from him.. what can I say....

A winning combination!

I Love You SoulMate!!