Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Can't Everyone Just Play Nice!

Well Sista's....the cold air has locked up my hands....shame on me for not posting...but there was a "SITUATION" in the DeLoney home last week.....that well...let's just say took up quite a bit of my time in the evening after working everyday. And here's the Reader's Digest Version:

Someone stole my "Boo's" new $500 BMX Bike in our neighborhood and then lied and made up a story about someone else doing it...."Casper the Thug" I guess, but then told my son...that he "thought" he could get it back for $50. Boo freaked out (without telling his parents) and gave him his Christmas money that was sent to him by his grandparents. Long story short....I could have prosecuted these two boys but chose not to.

Why...you might say? Well......I am still asking myself that question! Why can't everyone just play nice. My flesh wanted to do a whole more...and let's be real here.....SAY A WHOLE LOT MORE! Instead....I asked the boy to tell me the truth and he swore that he didn't do it. So....I took him for his word .....even though his story fell apart more and more by the minute. I told him that if he even admitted to doing it...I would not report it, but still...he wasn't believing me when I told him that I would "forgive" him for it. His Mother knew the truth too.....she was thanking me profusely after we talked.

A mother knows when a child is not being truthful.....we all have the gift in some way or another of having that gut feeling when something is just not "quite right". You know the feeling. The unsettledness of something that was said or mentioned that just doesn't quite even add up. I would love to think that this young man learned his lesson, but I'm afraid that he actually started believing his own lies. Satan has that effect on people doesnt' he. He will tell you lies....grip you with fear....and steal your confidence in yourself and others if you choose to let him.

I had to forgive him and choose to let this go this week to give myself some peace. I can tell you this.... I did let this young man know that I know the truth .....and what goes around comes around. And the next time he steals someone else's bike....he may not be so lucky.

Has anything like this happened to you......if so...I would love for you to share your story with me. By the way...the police would not investigate it ONLY unless I agreed to prosecute. I didn't want any mother to have to hear their 15 yr old son is in jail for stealing a bike. What are your thoughts?

Have a great Wednesday!



It doesn't help at all that when something happens to one of our kids, we get all defensive about it and take it personally! I do that with mine all the time and constantly struggle with "loving them like Jesus loves them".

You did good~I think you did the right thing by not pressing charges. Honestly, though~his mom should be making him do some sort of nice thing for y'all. Like washing your cars or taking care of your yard for a few weeks, or something else along those lines. To make him own up and pay for what he did. I don't know that this would be jail worthy, but I know that unless kids pay for wrongs they've done, they usually don't learn the lesson. :(

Wow. What a week. And with FREEZING temps? Good grief. I am glad Boo got his bike back. What about the money? Did he get that back, as well?

Love you lots. Sorry I never called you back on Saturday, Graham told me you called but I forgot to call you again. I love you!!! Happy Wednesday!