Friday, October 29, 2010

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!

Hey Sista's.......should I apologize for not blogging? I don't know why I haven't been able to make myself sit down and really pour my heart out? I guess I have so much to say.....but just don't want to ramble about it all since....there is SO MUCH I could say! But let's be real....I can't say everything I want to say because this IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB. I know it's not like I'm running for a politcal office....but I guess there are just some things better left unsaid.

The basement renovation is progressing though. They start the drywall and stone fireplace next I am ready for that! Halloween is this Sunday and Lil Bon will be a Greek Goddess, which was a much better selection than....Lady GaGa or Micheal Jackson....which she previously expressed interest in!

Tomorrow we will be going on a horseback riding trail in the mountains and when we come back down...we'll eat dinner and then do their "Haunted House". This will be the first year that it hasn't snowed on Halloween.....according to the locals. It will only be in the 60's everyone is acting like this is a definite heat wave. It feels absolutely great to us!

Tomorrow is Big Boo's 1st Fall Lacrosse game and then off the ride! Wishing all my Sista's a great weekend and Happy Halloween. It will be my Daddy's Birthday on Sunday......he always told us he "rode in on a broomstick". Love ya Pops!