Monday, May 4, 2009

My bloggy REAL Live Sister, Jenny, tagged me in this game, so I thought I'd participate! Here's what ya do! 1. Mention the person that tagged you. 2. Complete the lists of 8's. 3. Tag 8 other bloggers. 4. Tell them that they have been tagged. 8 Things I Look Forward To 1. Seeing my family in Memphis soon....I'm very homesick! 2. For the kids to be out of school! Only for about the first month! lol 3. Seeing my nephew graduate in June! 4. Going to work everyday....because I love my job! 5. Going to Marco Island with the Soulmate and kids...we all love it! 6. Hanging out with my Sista's in the hood.....when all possible for a GNO! 7. Going to Horseriding lessons with "Little Bon" every week! 8. Going on a good ole fashion shopping spree when I drop some lbs! 8 Things I Did Yesterday 1. Went to church! 2. Went for a picnic to meet Boo's new Lacrosse Coach and new teammates on Tampa Fire. 3. Washed clothes. 4. Anxiously awaited Little Bon coming home from a weekend with a friend! 5. Started reading a new book called "The Shack"....yes I'm a little behind. 6. Talked to my BFF on the phone! 7. Washed more clothes..... 8. Little Bon came home and we were both so tired we went to bed at 8:00 p.m. 8 Things I Wish I Could Do 1. Play the guitar really realy good. 2. Travel to Italy again...this time with all my sisters. 3. Sing with Travis Cottrell and his Praise band. 4. Work with Tyler Perry in one of his Madea movies, the crazy white girl next door. 5. Invent something silly that would make millions so I could pay off all of my families mortgages! 6. See some very old friends from college. 7. Take off to New York with some friends and shop and catch some plays. 8. Be more technically gifted! 8 Shows I Watch 1. Ok....there is not 8 of them but I will try... American Idol! 2. Oprah ( sorry naysayers) 3. NEWS...preferrably NBC and or MSNBC. 4. Nancy Grace 5. Lie to Me....this show is soooo interesting! 6. Saving Grace 8 Bloggers That I Tagged None because everybody I know has done this one ...I think. If not.... 1. Shawn from Seriously 2. Natalie from Brock Rock 3. Andrea from My CHiauaua Bites..I know I spelled that wrong!