Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello Sista's! Happy Mother's Day to You! I hope you all get to spend the day however with whoever you want....hopefully with your sweet babies! I am really really homesick and would love to be in Memphis with all my sisters and Mom today! I really could go for some of my Mama's Ham and dumplings...without a doubt! My sweet Soulmate took us all out to dinner at BoneFish tonight...for a little Bang Bang shrimp. I love that stuff...I just wished it loved me back. The kids were on there best behavior and they were dressed up so cute. My sweet soulmate told the kids they were going to play a game, of course this brings excitement to their eyes immediately. Soulmate said, " We are going around the table and tell Mama what you like about her!" Little Bon blurted out immediately, "Mama can sing so pretty!" I said, "Thank you baby!" Then it came time for my teenage son, Boo, he was totally dumbfounded actually. It was hysterical but a little embarassing...(he never gets embarassed!) He came back with something so was even funnier! He said, "There are so many things....I don't know where to start!" Quick recovery...but sincere! He's so stinkin cute! He then preceded to say...."Mom will do anything for anybody at anytime, she never stops! She does everything for us....and she's always thinking of others. This brought crocodile tears to my eyes! I will never forget the sweet words from my babies tonight and my soulmate for coming up with the idea....really scored some bonus points! I am truly blessed! I just want to tell all my friends that you all mean the world to me and I thank God everyday for family and friends! Have a blessed day with your family!Happy Mother's Day!!! Hugs to the Sista's!!