Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IKEA...a little like Disney!

Hey to you Sista's, I have to tell you that some medical issues have had the best of me....sorry for not blogging in the last week. In fact the last time I blogged was the night of Idol finale. Whoa....guess I was wrong, Adam didn't win and I fell off of the bed but I am so happy for Chris!They are both winners in the long run. Ok ....I have truly seen it all. I've never been into a IKEA until Memorial Day and can we just say that I was not prepared for what I walked into. Great concept but for those of you that may have A D D moments such as myself, I almost hyperventilated. I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even think. If I had to describe it I guess I would say that it's a REALLY REALLY BIG decorating store, a little on the "WallyWorld" side but a little like "DisneyWorld" with the lines and people stepping on your feet. I think it's geared for newly married or very young families who have to buy alot of furniture. They do have alot of great things for everyone, don't get me wrong, but it's for people who don't have a knack for putting things together in my opinion. There are things that I want for organization purposes with my bead room but it was so crazy overwhelming that I had a serious headache when I walked out. It's something for everyone to experience...I will say that. I think you need to not go with your child and just walk through one whole time with your hubby or significant other, and then go back later and purchase alone. I'm really good at that! The big news of the week though is that "Little Bon" is getting braces on Thursday. So please pray for her and me that we will survive the May 29th! She is already asking me way to many questions that I refuse to answer... in fear of not making it to the Dr's office. I'm very happy that school is about to be out but kind of stressed trying to make sure my kids are not going to be bored while I'm at work during the summer. I know I totally need a makeover on my site...so any suggestions can be helpful. Hugs to the Sista's. Debi



I saw that you called today. I was getting Peanut ready for the Spring concert. Call me in the am. sistah!