Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soul Sista Sells Her House!

OK....I'm just sayin....there is something totally scary about selling your house in just four days on the market. Actually.....I really thought my house was worth way more than what we put it up for but we had to be realistic and price it per square footage! So Yay! But now comes the weird appraisals...and buyers potentially nickel and dimin you to death....over little things. I know they are coming....I can just feel it! Been there....done that! So please pray for me...that I don't go Sha Nay Nay on somebody!

The soulmate and the peeps and I will be headed out to Denver next week during their Spring break to house hunt....and fit in at least one day in of skiing since it's only an hour away! So I just want to ask you all to please pray for us finding an area that we will be comfortable in! I believe in prayer and know that you Sista's will not let me down!

I love you all!



I am NOT ONE BIT shocked! We sold our house in TN to the first person that looked at it, 3 days after it went on the market!! God's looking out for you, girl!!

Good luck in Denver! I'll be thinking about you!


I hate the house selling part of moving! and the moving part... I told my kids that I am going to die in this house. At the time, my middle daughter looked at me and asked which room...
Good luck!



I told you ti was a God thing...

Have tons of fun, be safe and may the perfect house for you and your darling family find you!