Monday, September 21, 2009

Can I Get A Witness.....Up In Here?

Hey to you Sista's!

Well.....can we just rewind it and make it Friday again?......Cuz I want to go back to the "Deeper Still"event in Orlando. Just looking through the pictures this morning made me want to go back. What it really makes me want to do is find Priscilla's Bible Study...."Discerning His Voice", and sign up. Here lies the problem....most Bible studies are on Tuesday morning or either a Wednesday night and those are not good for me. I need one on a Thursday if anyone finds one ....please let me know!

I wanted to let you know a little more about what Beth spoke on in the last session. And was a BIG one! One that I have to tell you that I need to know more about because there are times when....that little voice isn't so little. It's more like....HEY.....DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID? Beth called it ...Divine Revelations in Human Encounters.....and that we ALL need a sense of discernment. That small voice is the Holy Spirit resonating with us....but if we are not in our scripture and reading HIS word....we shouldn't even discuss it.

Beth said there are Four Questions we need to ask ourselves...if we find ourself in this situation:

1. Can I trust what I'm sensing? Am I a critical or suspicious person by nature?

2.  Am I jealous or do I feel threatened by this person?

3. Do I have anything selfish to gain for this outcome?

4.  Are my emotions clouding my discernment?

If you answered ALL four questions with a "No".....then you go with your gut feeling! But if you answered a "Yes" .to any of them...then you need to re-examine it.  She refers to II Timothy 3 vs. 5.  There are people that you need to stay away from. God has not called you to listen to anyone who lies. Go with your spiritual gut feeling! When you walk in the spirit of won't be wrong.

I have to tell you that before she spoke that night....she prefaced it by saying..."The Lord has laid something special on my heart for you tonight...I'm going to be speaking on discernment".  I am not kidding.. I wanted to stand up and lift both of my hands in the air because that was total confirmation of what I had told someone just the night before. You have to know the night after Kay spoke about "Resting in His Faith"....we got back to the room and I just started chatting with one of the girls in my room ...when this VERY SUBJECT came up and I preceeded to share a couple of incidents that had happened to me lately. It's something that I have NEVER shared with anyone else. So when Beth said she was going to speak on discernment I seriously about fell out of my chair. I know three rows of people heard me shout......Haleighlleeeurer! I am NOT kidding.

I almost died! I needed to hear everything she said about it because..... I JUST DID! After the event....I called the person I spoke with and I asked her....Could you believe what Beth spoke about tonight? She said she kept thinking about me the whole time. Talking about divine appointments......I had one last Saturday in Orlando with Beth Moore!

Can I get a witness.......up in here?




I started Discerning His Voice tonight!!! I love it. It's gonna be amazing. Seriously. Up in herah. I can't wait to start the homework. Love you!