Monday, September 14, 2009

Alone In A Crowd?

What a crazy last few days...I haven't posted because of many different circumstances...but I will say this....People will always disappoint you no matter how good of a friend you think they are. Certain people only feel loyal to a certain few, that's one thing I have learned this week.

God is the only one you can truly count on in your time of need and times of trial. His word is the only thing you can trust and count on.

My Sista's ....don't put your faith in others because they will let you down.
Disappointing ....Yes....unimaginable...yes....this was a good lesson for me too because I know I am fiercely loyal to only a few people so this made it ever harder for me when something VERY unexpected happened to me this week. I can tell you that I would have never thought this person would have said the things they said to me.
Has it changed the way I think I about them? Yes.
DO I forgive them? Absolutely! But that's a hard one.
Do I think I can get past it? That one may take awhile.
Will it change my relationship with the person and or persons involved?
Did I need my Pastor's message or what yesterday.....O YES I DID! It was titled ....

ALONE IN A Dr. Stephen Rummage
I"ll give you the Readers Digest version:
In Psalms: 142
As David is hiding out in the cave ....on the run from King Saul...He cries out to the Lord!
In verse one David pours out his complaint before God...he says....before him I tell my trouble.
In the midst of it all....David does not stop praying. I must admit...there are days when I don't tell God
what is bothering me....I figure...he just knows...why bother. David didn't do this....if he did he'd probably stilled be holed up in a cave like a Branch Davidian.
Some times we treat our prayer like it's a Spare Tire....O...I'll get it out if I need it...
I have it somewhere....if I need it..that's if I can get it out..
when we really should use it like a steering wheel! We should do everyday before
we hit the road. I am so guilty of this!
In my mind...this is what I'm thinkin....Lord...I don't want to bother you right know because
 I know you are dealing with families who
have terminal illness, women who have lost their sons and or husbands, when
my little everyday junk seems so trivial so please forgive
me for bothering you right now....I don't even want to ask him for something
as simple as spiritual guidance about a certain situation that I am very bothered by.
Do you ever feel alone on occasion? I can be surrounded in a room full a people this week and still feel
like no one quite understands what I'm feeling like. Trust me has not been good.
The Lord never stops listening though. He know our every thought and hears our
every prayer....and when there are the times you feel alone...he never stops caring.
I have to remember Psalms 143:
"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have
put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift
up my soul".  vs 8 
I would love for you all to pray for someone who you may think feels this
way....I am looking forward to Friday and you'll know why tomorrow!




Girl. I am sorry you're having to go through this. I just started reading a book today called The Friends We Keep~it's all about the different types of friends we can be~and I am learning some lessons myself. I put way too much stock into friends, and not enough in GOD, the Author and Finisher of us. Hard lessons learned. Love you and praying for you tonight.


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