Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Going WAY Beyond For Ms. Mabel!

Hey to you Sista's!

Here it is almost Wednesday, and everyone I know who went to the "Deeper Still" event in Orlando ...is still talking about it...and I will say that is a good "thang"! I keep looking back at my notes to see if there is anything I missed..FO REAL!

I have a confession to make. I accidentally picked up Ms. Mabel's booklet that we wrote down our notes in. And you ask me how I know this....in the front of the book there is a place for people to put there name and address down for some type of survey....and yes...Ms. Mabel filled her's out... quite properly I might add.

It's all coming back to me now......I just had met with Travis, the one and only, and I came back to my seat and was trying to gather myself altogether...when Ms. Mabel politely asked me...."Hun...have you seen my book....I laid it right here on my seat before I went to the ladies room?"

I replied, "No Ma'am...I'm sorry ...this one is mine and it's been sitting on my bag.....it couldn't have gone far...."Are you sure you didn't accidentally take it with you and lay it down somewhere. Ms. Mabel said, "No..I left it right here". 

And then she turned around and mumbled something.....I felt really bad for her! As I am reviewing my notes from the event last night..."I used the 3rd session of her book...to write notes down when Beth was speaking about discernment. I couldn't believe my discovery.... I feel really bad.

Thank Goodness Ms. Mabel put her address and phone number down in there or it wouldn't be going back to her. Yes...I am mailing her back to her.....because, I also found two other empty ones that I had picked up for my friend...and then I found the one I originally started in when Kay begin to speak.

You know what I'm thinkin.....Ms. Mabel  is a "rule follower"! She filled out the front...every single line....O yes she did!.And quite impressive handwriting I might add. I felt just awful about it today. I was so busy I didn't have time to call her and tell her that it is being mailed to her...but I will for sure tomorrow. Sadly enough.....it made me think of my sweet Mamaw that past away last Thanksgiving. I tell you.....the handwriting is identical.

How do I know that? I was recently cleaning out an old box and I stumbled across one of my Mamaw's old letters she wrote to me while I was away at college. It made me cry.

Her letter was written probably about five years after my grandfather had already passed and you could tell that she was just really lonely. She called me Deber....for some reason...that's always how it came out. The letter also spoke about all of her friends that had passed and that she couldn't wait to go home to the Lord and be with Paw Paw! She would run out of lines and start writing around the sides of the paper....somewhat like a maze....it cracked me up....she was always saving something so she could use it later. Therefore....she would never consider just adding another page.  It made me miss her terribly.

So I will do what a good southern girl was raised to do........send Ms. Mabel her book....you know it's still buggin the stew out of her. I can just see Ms. Mabel heading out to the mailbox in the next few days to come...looking for this book.....wearing her beautiful white "easy spirit" shoes and her sweet little turquoise Beall's outfit with the top that has the fitted waistband. Her hair perfectly in place because you just know she has it set every Wednesday morning about the same time everyweek.

I know Ms. Mabel will also find my notes attached....in the 3rd session.....and that will also probably trouble her just a bit. I'm truly sorry Ms. Mabel......I'm going beyond, Way Beyond, and make sure that you have your book back......Ms. Priscilla would be proud.

Peace Out Sista's!



I can just imagine what Mrs. Mabel must look like, God love her little pea~pickin', hair~settin' heart. You will make her day as she goes out to her mail box to see her little note. You should put a little trinket in the box for her~a brooch. She sounds like the brooch~wearing type. Mrs. I~Make~Beautiful~Jewelry~Creations. Love you!