Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Perfect Weekend....Not!

So....the Soulmate had the best of intentions....to wisk me and the family off on a weekend getaway to Sanibel and Captiva Island! Yay! Well....before you all get out your happy banners....just wait a minute. It was the weekend from....let's just say....one I'd like to forget.

I  have to admit I was so excited because I have been sick lately and I really did feel like if I got away from everything that I could relax and maybe start to feel better. With that said.....I should have seen it comin when the kids starting fighting on the way down. Ugh....but I was armed and ready with my beads and plenty of magazines to read .....so I am good....well....that's what I thought!

We arrive to a really nice condo unit on the beach...but I noticed that it was freshly vacuumed but a little on the dusty side. Mike noticed that the toilets were on some type of continuous running sound. It would take them forever to fill up. We woke up to ants all in our food in the kitchen. We had to throw all the breakfast food out. Girlz...it was not good. My babies were HONGRY! So I called the office....which after asking a "few to many" questions...promptly found out that the UNIT had not been rented in quite some time.  WELL...NOW....there you have it. No wonder I was stopped up...those filters hadn't been changed in Lord only know how long. You could see where this was going.

Well....A couple of sweet maids showed up a couple of hours later and cleaned the place up much better and they both couldn't believe how dusty it was. They even said that it was not up to par! This was not some
little cheap place on the beach. For what we spent on it....I could have purchased a "real nice" fall wardrobe from Nordstroms. Girlz...I needed some "disCOUNTING".... as Madea would say!

I have to tell you from there....with the kids fighting...it was just down hill from there on. I threatened not to go to dinner at all Sunday night with hopes of them leaving me be. One by one they came in the room and said something nice to make me change my mind...and by the time we got there from the car ride...I was ready to get a cab and go back to the room. 

Yes I needed some "Retail Therapy" on the way home. I texted my friend Debbie and met her and we went to the mall for a killer Dillard Shoe Sale. It helped me for a little while......or at least until I got back home.

Someone bless me!



You are too funny. Sorry you had a yuck trip ~ but glad you got to get you some new SHOES!! Shoes always makes a girl happy - right?!?!?


That stinks that your condo was that bad. My friend Christa was on the same beach during the same time you were there~weird! I just found that out.

Are you feeling any better yet?? Lurve you!!!! Muah!

Susie Q

Bless your heart...and NOT in the snarky, Southern meaning, but the real one :D

We used to take our kids down to Mustang Island at Padre (Corpus Christi) for long weekends. We always went after Labor Day for the infinitely better rate...but we used to go down with friends, so that cut the bickering and we took homework to do on the way down. The way home they were usually too tired to talk :D

Hope it's better next time. I really miss the beach.


I'm coming over with a big tub of Callgon...girl you really need to be "taken away"!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend

Sorry you had a bad trip...Reminds me of one I took...

Just blog hopping and enjoyed yours tonight...
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