Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Trisha!!

Hey to you Sista's!

Today's My Sister Trisha's Birthday....and well .....Let's just say she's 39 again for the very first time!!

I can't believe it's Wednesday! Where has this week gone? Vertigo has stopped me cold from doing a lot of things that I just automatically take advantage's amazing. This medication has not helped me in the least and it's keeping me in somewhat of a "fog". I met a lady today that experiences the same thing and and she gave me some little tobacum pellets to put under my tongue that she got from the health food store to make it go away. I can't say for sure that it worked....maybe I need to buy some more...I tell you I am a desperate woman....and southern woman take desperate measures.

Apparently my Doctor is out of the Country until my next appointment which falls on September 11th. I'm not kidding you when I tell you this....the soulmate had to tell me that as well. I seriously don't even remember us scheduling an appointment...why would I .....I was there for over five hours and threw up at least four times ...until they finally felt sorry for me an gave me a shot that put me into "La La Land". My arm still hurts from that shot. I probably wouldn't have gotten that but I accidentally ran into the Doctor in the hallway coming out of the bathroom crying and I was walking with my hands on the wall. These were his words:

Could someone please come get her into a room RIGHT NOW! That was sweet music to my ears since at that point it was four hours that we had been there. The soulmate was totally annoyed with me since I can be somewhat combative when sick....and especially sick and tired. I don't know how he puts up with my silly self.

I will tell you that I am happy to report that Lil Bon is very happy. She loves her teachers and they have a lot of little projects that make school interesting and fun. She has to be busy. She wore her shirt not tucked in today so ....she was all about that. She also wore shoes...some little wedges that looked very tacky and I begged her to put on socks.

" friend in my class all wear shoes like this without's not like my other school".. I said, "I'm just saying there will be some blisters on the feet by soon as I saw her.....I asked, "So how's the feet?  She said, " Who told you?" I started laughing and said, "No one I can see that you are walking on your toes and the back of your heels are red..... " Oh"!

Mama alway knows!!! That's what I tell her....but she has to learn everything the hard way. She reminds me of my sister Trish when she was small. Happy Birthday to my Sista Trisha! She is the BIG 40 today. I kid you not she looks like she is 28.

Ya'll have a great night!

Nite, Sista's!




I totally just hacked into your blog and changed your comment settings. It was an embedded post before, and I changed it to pop up window. Like this. See??

I know, I know, I'm beautiful, amazing and brilliant...:) kidding!! Love you to pieces! LEAVE IT THIS WAY SO I CAN COMMENT PLEASE SISTA!! Lurve me some you!! I hope you get better quick...I hate you are so sick. Is the Soul Mate taking good care of you? And Boo and Lil Bon?

I can just see her shoes now. I can't stand it when moms let their kids wear those to school. I have to listen to them complain about how bad their blisters hurt. Lesson learned??? Tell Lil Bon to wear her tennies the next time she argues! That's like punishment to her, I'm sure! Lol.