Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let It Go....Let It Go!

Hey to you Sista's!

Praise the's Wednesday! That means only one more day of work for the week for me! Yesterday was apparently the first day of  Fall! That just ain't even right! We don't officially have FALL here in Tampa until at least February! The humidity today is over 90%...can't we even get a little break?

I am ready to put on some sleeves and some boots and some really cool scarfs that are so popular! What I find so amusing about that is...I keep seeing people wearing them right now....and it's stinkin 90 degrees.

Can't a Sista get a fan? Seriously, I am hot just thinking about it around my neck. I have to let that go!

Speaking of letting go......Do you have trouble letting things go? For some reason......I do struggle with this from time to time.  The soul mate will confirm this to be true. I try not to hold on to things and ask God for his grace and mercy in this area.....but let's keep it real.....we all have days when we know Satan is sitting on our shoulder sayin...."Ok....Now you know you are not gonna let them say that to you....I know!" Don't make this white girl take off her earrings! O Yes I will!

Seriously...I try to ignore that kind of temptation....but sometimes things people do or say can really get to me.

As usual a circumstance arose where I was trying to help someone secure something for a mission trip.....and Satan didn't want this to go through.....that's the only thing I can say about it! But God got the glory anyhow....because I prayed it through and low and behold it all worked out.....but it wasn't because he didn't stop at all cost. He likes to plant doubt and more doubt!

Have you ever noticed that Satan seems to attack you more......when things are busy and you've got places to go and people to see.   I know that you have experienced something like this I would like to hear from you about that and what you do when it hits you hard!

So Sista's please do share....




Yup, I've experienced all of that. You have to push through it, though, because if you don't then the enemy is getting exactly what he wants. It seems like when you're doing exactly what he DOESN'T want you to do~he attacks. Think about it~how you spent last weekend?? It just makes sense that he would attack right now. Sounds like you got through it, though. Love to you!!


Girl you so need to vlog!

Your posts would reach new levels of hysterical if we could see your facial expressions and hear you voice! If I close my eyes I an see you reaching for your earrings!

You need your own TV show!

Susie Q

Definitely! I've been struggling with this one since losing my job in June...but I am so surprisingly peaceful about it. Our home is my job for now...