Monday, February 22, 2010

When Is Cuddling Not So Cute?

OK.....I thought I was coming to terms with being the mother of a teen.....but Sista's ....dear Sista's. I am here to tell you that I am not ready. I know...I may have spoke to me on the phone and I tell funny stories about my "Big Boo" .....but I don't know if I am finding some things so funny. Now for all of you that don't know my history......My Boo is 14 years old and in the 8th grade and currently 5"10 and weighs about 145. I mean a lean mean adorable kid who seems to be quite the charmer. ( As if I didn't know that one already!)

It seems that now days...the boys don't have to pursue the girls because the girls don'tgive them a chance....they do it first! Now let me start from the "Get Go"! Way......Way......back in the day...I was never allowed to call a boy....or show up at his house even by appointment....let alone randomly. Today the girls are apparently really comfortable with fact so comfortable that they automatically walkin and go to his room....which is a "No No" in my house. Here lies the trouble. Sometimes these girls may like him but he thinks differently of them....or so he says. He is usually very honest about what he feels or doesn't feel!

Here lately....God has been providing those little "moments" (if you know what I mean)....that I can share a little light on how it a nice girl should really behave. Sometimes I get a blank stare ......sometimes he shakes his head from side to side.....and sometimes he just laughs out loud! Uhmmmm....I don't know how to take that one. I don't know if he's laughing WITH me or AT me!

If you are a mom with a daughter...I need to hear from you ....Seriously! Would you let your daughter do the following: Do you have a policy.....or is it just me being too strict!

1- Do you let your daughter go into a boys room when she says she is going over to "Hang Out"?

2- Do you ask to speak to their mother...if she ask to go over to his house?

3- Do you allow her freely wander the neighborhood without knowing who she is going with?

These are just a few "Need to Know" things that I would like to hear about! Any takers...

Would love to hear your comments?

                                                                    Peace to you Sista's!




#1 & #3, no. Maybe I'm too controlling...
#2 yes! I'm going to get friends with these ladies on FB and we're going to talk... and in person.
My 15 yo daughter isn't going with currently, but has a group of friends (boys and girls) that get together at each others houses. Hopefully when the snow goes, we'll have it at our house. Then they won't be cooped up in our livingroom because the bedroom is way off limits.
Good luck to you!


#1 She was always told she couldn't go in their room or even upstairs. I usually let the mom know I didn't approve of that either.
#2 I do meet the mom before my daughter goes over to a guy's house (and she's 18....she hates it)
#3 She drives now - but can't just go willy nilly anywhere. Must check in. Even when she was younger, she couldn't just go hang out with people I didn't know....
You're right on track!


Thanks for telling me!