Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics Are Wearing Me Out?

I begin my days at work by checking the internet for headline news....yes I confess to be a "news hound"! I have been fascinated with stories all my life. As a child I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore and work in the newsroom...thus my degree in Broadcasting. In order to do that I would have to be able to keep a straight face...which for me .....well ...let's just say nearly impossible. One look and that's it. If my eyes meet someone elses and it's that look....like..I lose it!

So this morning was no different than other morning...iI checked out the news headlines for the day, except their was a byline that read...."Skater to take ice tonight after Mother dying". First of all...my heart dropped a notch....and then I clicked on the story. The skater mother flew into Vancouver to watch her for the Olympics and suffered a massive heart attack. Click here for story http://www.boston.com/sports/other_sports/olympics/articles/2010/02/22/skaters_mother_dies_of_heart_attack_at_games/

Can you just imagine? I'm sorry but if that news came to me...I don't think I could get on the ice! She must
have nerves of steel or a need to fulfill the dream that her Mother wanted her to achieve. So please keep this Canadian skater, Joannie in your prayers.

I don't know what it is about the Olympics that's so nerve racking. When I watch it...I am just so tense! Seriously...it wears me out. I feel like I need to get my Beyonce off of the couch and do something. They always make everything look so easy too....have you ever noticed that? Especially the ice skaters...which is my favorite thing to watch. What makes these snowboarders keep getting back up after getting whacked in the head by their boards? It's just amazing to me.....to see how it all comes together.

And  let just keep it real....I don't care whoever wins....when they get to stand up on the little tiered boxes to receive their medals....I don't care if it's Americans or Canadians....I get a little teary-eyed when they play their anthems. They always pan in on their face and their singing the words...closing their eyes....and taking deep breaths. Kinda like being in a dream or fairytale I'm sure. It's also amazing to me how it all comes down
to how well one can perform under pressure and how they can come out ahead on just that "One day"! What if they are having a very bad day .....on their ONE DAY! The years of training all comes down to how they]
are on that day of competition. That my friend is what separates the atheletes from the "wannabe's!

Just some of my thoughts.....what are yours? Your favorite winter sport is what?