Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clowns Make My Skin Crawl...Still Today!

So here is the lowdown about Clowns......they give me the "heebie jeebies". Seriously....and here's why!

Back in the day.....when my BFF...Susan and I were Seniors, there was a brand new mall that opened up called the Germantown Square Mall. It was the "grand opening" day that sent us out on this escapade. One day that I will never forget. Susan, my cousin Sharon Kay and I headed to the new mall to go shopping. We entered the mall on the bottom floor but upon entering it....saw an elevator calling our name.. obviously. Just the three of us got onto it alone and preceeded to the second floor.

Here's where my skin starts to crawl!

No quicker than the door opened and we stepped out of the elevator......two clowns appeared out of no where and tried to shove us back in the elevator! When I say shove....I mean shoved us fast that it made my head spin. Susan's reflexes kicked the first clowns "family jewels" and he doubled over immediately. The other clown caught my arm as I started to run and pulled me down to the ground. My cousin Sharon Kay was screaming and couldn't move. I got back up and we all started running down the mall while screaming! For the life of me....I think all I can remember after that was ......we left the mall. I don't even recall who picked us up....but it was not a grand day at the new mall. It took me a long time to go back to this mall.

To this day.....I despise clowns.....they are creepy! But what you won't believe.... is this! Not even five years down the BFF Susan gets married...has a precious little one....and guess what she decorates her daughters room in? .....CLOWNS! I will never forget it as long as I live! I entered her daughters room and the was just..."speechless"!

Oh no you....Di....ent!

She looked at me and said...."What?" You don't remember? She said "Remember what?" When I told her....she said..."OMG"...I totally blocked that day out of my head!!! Oh must have been the childbirth! Let's be real....Childbirth does have a way of making you forget plenty!

So this is why I cannot stand clowns to this day!

There you have it my Sista's!